Slow Down and Simplify…

Hello again. It’s been a week or two since my last update so I suppose it’s about that time again! There’s a lot going on in life but not necessarily in the fertility area. We finally got our Food Truck permits…well most of them. Every day there’s a new permit required to get a new permit but it’s almost time for Sweet Loretta to hit the road. If you have no clue what I’m talking about…we own a food truck! The Tennessee Cobbler Company. Click the link to visit our website! I also have some big changes on the way with my photography business that I am really excited about (more on that later). We are desperately trying to get organized and simplified. We’re always on the go and super busy. No particular reason why, it’s just how we’ve always been. 


We go to the gym 2 days a week, work at the restaurant 4 nights a week, I edit photos between the gym and the restaurant, I travel to Florida once a month for shoots, we work on the Food Truck in between everything else, we’re still trying to tie up loose ends on our house remodel, and we want a baby. I am currently on a mission to simplify and slow down. I want to do things for me and enjoy the day to day not just struggle to get thru it. I need organization to function and life feels a bit scattered right now. It’s not impossible but it’s very annoying. Also, I’m pretty certain my recognition of the chaos is God’s way of preparing us for what is to come.

BE STILL and know that I am God…”  Psalm 46:10

So…where are we on the fertility front? Well, not very far down the track. This train is movin’ but this train is movin’ about as fast as Metro Nashville’s Food Truck Permitting Process…yea I said it! (shakes finger and snakes neck with extra sass!)

After receiving the results from my Progesterone Test on May 14th, we found out I was NOT ovulating. However my at home test said I was…so they asked me to come back one week later to test again (this past Monday May 21st). I thought it was very odd to have opposite results so I started researching between appointments and asking questions about how this could happen. The most common answer I could find was that this is a common happening with PCOS. (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) This would make perfect sense considering I am a walking billboard for this disorder.  I’ve asked to be tested for this before but since switching OBs I haven’t been tested so I think I will request this again soon! 


Anyway, I received the results of the second Progesterone Test today and it was positive…but now the at home test is negative! (insert massive sigh and throwing of hands in the air). I asked the Doctor what this means and she said, 

“well, you are ovulating so that’s good but you are ovulating late…” 

(Whatever you do don’t google ‘late ovulation’ when you’re trying to get pregnant. Google offers ZERO consolation in this department.)

Of course I’m ovulating late. Those who know me very well at all are probably all thinking the exact same thing. Jami…late for something? Yup that’s her! Sigh. I’ve always been late to the party why should I be on time now? I’ll probably be late to my own funeral…which let’s just go ahead and make that a thing. When I die let it be known, I should be rolled into the church after all the mourners have arrived. No need to change the trend at that point! 😛 

So what do we do now? Well good news for me, nothing yet. I get a break and it’s Craig’s turn! Woohoo! He now has to begin the male testing process. (we all know what that entails and for some reason I felt really awkward typing out SA so…you’re just gonna have to use your context clues on this one!) I’ll post more when we know more! 

In the meantime please pray for organization and simplification of life, an answer to the off beat ovulation, and positive vibes for Craig’s test results!