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If you’ve ever planned a Wedding or any special event for that matter, you know it takes an army to pull it all together!! Our Wedding will be no exception! When you’re younger of course you dream of having the perfect wedding day…but you never really think about who all is going to be responsible for making that dream come true. There are hair and makeup artists, and Photographers, and Videographers and Caterers and Event Planners and so many others that have a hand in making your Wedding Day the very best it can be!  I like to think we have chosen the best vendors out there but then again…doesn’t every Bride think she has the best? (That’s exactly how it should be, by the way…) Everyone has different tastes, and favorites, and styles and guess what…THAT’S OKAY!!! Be proud of your Wedding Day and your vision! Be proud of the choices you made surrounding one of the most important days of your life! It’s YOUR day! Make it what YOU want and don’t be ashamed of it! Before I get off on a totally different blog post, let me get back on track! I would like to introduce to you our team! Each of these people are so talented and I cannot wait to work alongside each of them on our big day!!!

kweaverMeet Kristen Weaver, Photographer extraordinair! She is the owner of Kristen Weaver Photography in Orlando, FL. I was first introduced to Kristen’s work by my roommate and Maid of Honor Angela. A friend of a friend used to work for Kristen so Angela followed her on Facebook. One night, sitting at our apartment, while on a Rice Krispy Treat/Say Yes to the Dress Binge, Angie showed me her work! I was instantly in love and said I want HER to shoot my wedding one day! Fast forward 3 years and here we are! Fun fact….we actually booked Kristen as our photographer 6 months before we were even engaged! ( She announced her 2015 calendar was filling up and I happened to see the post and panicked!) She also shot our Engagement Photos (as seen on Facebook, this website, our Christmas Cards, Save the Dates, and every wall of Craig’s house!) HaHa!

Kristen’s Facebook    Kristen’s Website

10494942_10152247387432883_5169021856218380207_oUp next is the AMAZING…Angela Proffit, Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator! What can I say about Angela besides the fact she is pretty freaking awesome??? Well…that’s all you need to know about her really!!! I originally planned on doing everything myself for the wedding but about one week in I said uh uh…enough of this nonsense….let me google wedding planners!! She was the first on every list for a reason and after reading tons of 5 star reviews I said let’s book a consultation! I basically forced Craig to go with me because, well…I’m a Bride to be and { in the beginning } don’t we all believe the groom cares about every little detail like we do?? Ha! He agreed, (not enthusiastically) but nonetheless he tagged along! Three minutes into the meeting when I realized me and Angela were gabbing about crazy people, newborn photography, and all things that sparkle, she stepped out of the room to grab something! I immediately looked at Craig, who had already drifted into a trance by staring at the baseboards, and said she’s the one! Can we pay her today?!? I pretty much had my wedding planned before I even met her, so it’s been super easy so far! Granted we still haven’t gotten into the guts of the event planning (4 months to go) I know she’s done a lot behind the scenes that I haven’t had to deal with so if you ask me…that was money well spent! I am so happy with the decision we made to hire Angela and her team and I know and TRUST everything is going to be perfect for our big day!

Angela’s Facebook     Angela’s Website

1957947_752324461470031_8600030828620724528_oAlong with the Photographer for our day, I knew the videographer was a top priority for me! When all is said and done I wanted all of our memories preserved in the best way possible! I happened to see a facebook post by one of our friend’s who had recently gotten married. She was sharing her wedding video sneak peek and it was nothing short of amazing! Everything from the editing, and the lighting to the music and the overall ‘feel’ of her video made me teary eyed. Once again I immediately set out on a mission to find whoever was responsible for this fabulous work of art! I quickly realized I was late to this party though, because tons of Brides clearly knew of this lil gem long before I did! After spending about 2 hours online watching the wedding videos of complete strangers I knew who we were hiring! Dallas Wilson of Dallas Wilson Video Productions is beyond talented! I’ve yet to see one video he has produced that I wasn’t absolutely in love with! I cannot wait to see how he captures our day and I cannot wait to share it with all of our family and friends!

Dallas on Facebook      DWVP Website

logo color-no grocery

One of the best parts of any wedding is the food right? Well when it came time to decide on a place for our welcome dinner it seemed to be a pretty cut and dry decision for us! Considering me and Craig met at this restaurant in Nashville, & both still work there today, who else could we get besides the famous Puckett’s Grocery!? This restaurant will always hold a special place in our hearts considering it is the place we first met. Craig likes to tell me he’s the reason I got hired. He swears J.T. was gonna send me packing but he begged him to let me stay…I’ll let y’all decide what to believe on that one… J.T…you wanna weigh in??? Puckett’s serves Southern style cuisine and if you know me or Craig at all then you know we wouldn’t have anything else during our wedding festivities! I can’t wait to finalize our menu!

Puckett’s 5th & Church Facebook     Puckett’s Website


Photo Credit : Kristen Weaver Photography


Photo Credit : Kristen Weaver Photography


10363498_223877027821910_4496588674586106970_n Craig’s father helped open a BBQ Restaurant in Olive Branch, Mississippi just before he passed away! When we would go to visit his family in Memphis we would drive down to Olive Branch to see his dad at the restaurant and eat dinner! I can honestly say it’s THE BEST BBQ I have ever eaten in my life! And the fried corn…I can’t even talk about it!! So so good!! We decided it would be very special to have them cater our wedding and it will be in memory of Mr. Stewart! We can’t wait for everyone we love to get to experience something so special! There’s even going to be some Stujo Rolls…Mr. Stewarts very own creation of BBQ Eggrolls!!




1604639_792847914061908_776694545_nI’ve known Janet Taylor for years! I remember growing up, anytime there would be a need to purchase a floral arrangement my mom would say call Janet! See if she can create something! I decided years ago no matter when or where I got married I wanted Janet Taylor of Janet Taylor Designs to be my florist! She has a talent that I simply cannot comprehend. I have tried on several occasions to create my own floral arrangements…um…let’s just say I thank God he gave this talent to people like Janet! I would be in a world of trouble if not! I have zero patience and floral design requires that of Job! I trust her design completely and she knows what I want, what I don’t want, and what I do not want to stress about! I know that she will be there on this very important day working hard to make sure every petal is in place! I can’t wait to see the outcome!

Janet Taylor Designs on Facebook

For hair I decided to go with Beauty by Beth, a local stylist I found thru my wedding planner! She is amazing! As for makeup a friend from back home in good ole Calhoun County will be glamming me up on the big day! Chris Rogers does wonderful work and I know I will feel more beautiful than ever on my special day! I myself will actually be doing hair/makeup for all the Bridesmaids so this should be fun! 😉