What’s Next?

Oops! When I first started this I said I would post when I had time…I didn’t quite realize those moments might actually be months apart (facepalm)! Sorry ’bout that! This one is short and sweet however this summer has definitely been one for the books.

I’ve been to a Hematologist, Dermatologist, Gastroenterologist, Gynecologist…just about any kind of  ‘ist’ there is. It’s been a lovely few months. Craig’s tests came back normal so obviously somewhere the dots aren’t connecting with me. After speaking to a family member who is an OBGYN I am requesting to have a Laparoscopy to check for Endometriosis. This is more than likely the last resort before we have to make a decision regarding the use of Fertility Medication, Adoption, etc.  

I’ll post more when I know more…In the meantime, continued prayers for peace of mind, and for a way to be made so his will is done are appreciated. As always thanks for following our journey! 



Slow Down and Simplify…

Hello again. It’s been a week or two since my last update so I suppose it’s about that time again! There’s a lot going on in life but not necessarily in the fertility area. We finally got our Food Truck permits…well most of them. Every day there’s a new permit required to get a new permit but it’s almost time for Sweet Loretta to hit the road. If you have no clue what I’m talking about…we own a food truck! The Tennessee Cobbler Company. Click the link to visit our website! I also have some big changes on the way with my photography business that I am really excited about (more on that later). We are desperately trying to get organized and simplified. We’re always on the go and super busy. No particular reason why, it’s just how we’ve always been. 


We go to the gym 2 days a week, work at the restaurant 4 nights a week, I edit photos between the gym and the restaurant, I travel to Florida once a month for shoots, we work on the Food Truck in between everything else, we’re still trying to tie up loose ends on our house remodel, and we want a baby. I am currently on a mission to simplify and slow down. I want to do things for me and enjoy the day to day not just struggle to get thru it. I need organization to function and life feels a bit scattered right now. It’s not impossible but it’s very annoying. Also, I’m pretty certain my recognition of the chaos is God’s way of preparing us for what is to come.

BE STILL and know that I am God…”  Psalm 46:10

So…where are we on the fertility front? Well, not very far down the track. This train is movin’ but this train is movin’ about as fast as Metro Nashville’s Food Truck Permitting Process…yea I said it! (shakes finger and snakes neck with extra sass!)

After receiving the results from my Progesterone Test on May 14th, we found out I was NOT ovulating. However my at home test said I was…so they asked me to come back one week later to test again (this past Monday May 21st). I thought it was very odd to have opposite results so I started researching between appointments and asking questions about how this could happen. The most common answer I could find was that this is a common happening with PCOS. (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) This would make perfect sense considering I am a walking billboard for this disorder.  I’ve asked to be tested for this before but since switching OBs I haven’t been tested so I think I will request this again soon! 


Anyway, I received the results of the second Progesterone Test today and it was positive…but now the at home test is negative! (insert massive sigh and throwing of hands in the air). I asked the Doctor what this means and she said, 

“well, you are ovulating so that’s good but you are ovulating late…” 

(Whatever you do don’t google ‘late ovulation’ when you’re trying to get pregnant. Google offers ZERO consolation in this department.)

Of course I’m ovulating late. Those who know me very well at all are probably all thinking the exact same thing. Jami…late for something? Yup that’s her! Sigh. I’ve always been late to the party why should I be on time now? I’ll probably be late to my own funeral…which let’s just go ahead and make that a thing. When I die let it be known, I should be rolled into the church after all the mourners have arrived. No need to change the trend at that point! 😛 

So what do we do now? Well good news for me, nothing yet. I get a break and it’s Craig’s turn! Woohoo! He now has to begin the male testing process. (we all know what that entails and for some reason I felt really awkward typing out SA so…you’re just gonna have to use your context clues on this one!) I’ll post more when we know more! 

In the meantime please pray for organization and simplification of life, an answer to the off beat ovulation, and positive vibes for Craig’s test results!





Chromosomes and a Medical Mystery…

   I suppose before we get too far into this I need to tell you our backstory. What we know so far and where we’re headed. This one may be a little long so hang with me…

   First about me…I randomly got sick back in 2009. In February of that year I collapsed while in Grand Cayman and got vertigo for 2 days. When I returned home I got the flu. Over the next few months I started having random muscle aches and joint pain. On October 27, 2009 I woke up to find my left knee swollen and my leg blue. Two days later the right side matched. It started jumping to all of my joints. Our first thought was I ingested something while in Grand Cayman like a bacteria but nothing came back positive.

   I was tested for Lyme Diseases, Lupus, RA, etc…I was put on Methotrexate and Prednisone among other things but it didn’t really subside until I quit taking birth control. The entire time the only constant had been the Yaz. (Ask me how I feel about Birth Control, I dare you!) 😉 All of a sudden the swelling went away. I had been to multiple Doctors, had multiple tests, Xrays, scopes, etc. We even went to Shands but nothing was found.  They did diagnose me with Fibromyalgia and an unidentified autoimmune disorder but that was all they could tell me. I finally asked the Doctor at Shands if she thought I was dying at a faster pace than anyone else and if not I wouldn’t be back. I stopped all meds and haven’t taken any since. Whatever this mysterious illness is only flares up when my hormones shift, when my body temperature changes dramatically, or when the barometric pressure drops. I’ve learned to just deal with it. 

   Fast forward to today and I haven’t had any other major swelling like back in 2009…(I also have never taken birth control again…jus sayin’…) Anyway, aside from the mysterious autoimmune disorder I don’t seem to have any other major health issues. The only issue with this nonsense is that it effects my hormones or is effected by my hormones rather…so with pregnancy comes hormone changes and with hormone changes comes…mysterious illness! (insert eye roll) We just have to wait and see what happens…As for all of my reproductive organs…the tests all say they are working fine. (obviously there’s a glitch in the system somewhere we just can’t find it!) I’m clearly a medical mystery…(any offers for book and/or movie rights will be gladly accepted!) 😛 

   Now for the hubs! Craig has a genetic chromosome abnormality known as a Translocation. Basically a chromosome split and re attached itself to another one. Translocations can cause a myriad of issues like Cerebral Palsy or major birth defects but the one Craig has only has one side effect…Miscarriage. According to our Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor IF we can ever get pregnant we have a higher than average chance of miscarriage! Yay for us! 🙁 

This is not Craig’s but this is one example I found online of a chart for a Translocation. Its all a bit overwhelming.

   It’s very strange thinking to yourself…well I’ve gotta get pregnant first in order to lose it. I know that sounds harsh but it was the exact thought I had as the Doctor was explaining everything to us. This should do wonders for my anxiety. Sigh! As you can see we have a lot going on over here. We’ll cross the second bridge when it gets here but we have to get across the first one for now.

   I realize many people have it way worse than we do and we are very blessed in so many ways. Please don’t ever think I am complaining or whining about all my problems…I am only sharing this with the hope that someone else may feel better about their situation. Whatever the good Lord wants to happen will happen and it will happen in HIS time. We know this. 

   As for now…I have an appointment in the am to test my Progesterone levels and if that doesn’t check out it’ll be on to tests for Craig and then medications like Clomid for me. I am very hesitant about the Clomid because what does it do…alters my hormones and remember what tends to arise when my hormones shift…that’s right…the mystery illness. Please pray for peace and guidance about the medications. I have really bad anxiety about my body attacking itself again. It was a nightmare and not knowing is the scariest part. Your mind starts running wild with all the worst case scenarios and that’s never healthy! 

   I know this post was a bit longer than the first but I felt like I needed to get ya up to speed on everything so far! I’ll update soon about tomorrow’s tests and in the spirit of TMI I’ll tell you about the last appointment and how a speculum caused a spectacle in the middle of the Dr.’s Office! (insert face palm!) Oh this life of mine…




Hello Again…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s almost been 3 years since we said “I do!” I also can’t believe this wedding website is still up and running…( I should really pay more attention to those auto renewals!) I’ll update the other pages soon so ignore those for now! Oh well, here we are 3 years and 30 lbs later! Ha! (The latter is actually not so funny but we’re working on it… 2 days a week to be exact so…there’s that!)

Ok…well I’m certainly not a writer but recently I have been informed I should start a blog, you know with all this free time I have…so here it goes! It prolly won’t be every day or maybe not even every week but I’ll give it a go when the mood strikes I suppose! First thing’s first, I’m not an English Teacher so this probably won’t always be 100% grammatically correct…I like using parenthesis and lots of little dots…I also like typing like I talk so there’s bound to be lots of missing g’s…it is what it is…if it drives you that insane…find another sob story to read….I have no other solutions for you! 😉 I’m also a bit sarcastic and dry humored at times, get really annoyed at a lack of common sense, and have very little patience. I’m workin’ on it, what else can I say! If you know me in real life then you know I mean no harm or offense by anything that comes out of my mouth. 

Alright, on to the point. Here we are, 3 years into this lil marriage thing and so far I’d have to say we’re killin’ it. Yea that’s right we haven’t killed each other yet, which is a plus, we remodeled our house and didn’t get a divorce, we started a Food Truck (The Tennessee Cobbler Company), I built a studio in Florida and we have a dog, our precious 2 year old Yellow Lab Nash Joe! He’s spoiled rotten and we love him like he’s our very own child. Our very own child…that’s something we don’t have. Which brings me to the point of this newly developed little blog situation we have going on here. Before you panic and say “Oh my God she’s about to tell us she can’t have kids and this blog is going to be so depressing!”

I’m not saying that…because we just don’t know. What we do know is this….Craig has a genetic abnormality that has no side effects at all except one, (more on that later). I have an autoimmune disorder which causes issues with hormones and nerves. We know we can’t get pregnant right now and we’re not sure why but we’re working on it! I believe God is in control and he’ll give us a baby when he wants us to have a baby. I’d like him to speed up his process a bit but…hey…all in God’s time! 😉 

I get asked constantly “when are y’all having babies?” and the truth is we don’t know! I would have had one a year ago if it were up to me but it hasn’t happened so here we are on this lovely lil infertility journey together. I have never shared so much personal information but maybe our journey will help someone else who is struggling. I’m gonna be wide open with this so there’s no tellin’ what you’re gonna read should you choose to follow along so…be prepared! I’m not very modest when it comes to real life issues. WE’RE ALL ADULTS HERE OKAY?!? I’m opening up my heart to invite you to laugh with us, cry with us, learn with us and pray with us! There have been doctor visits, and tests, and phone apps, and even quite a few laughs! I’ll share more on that (the laughs), among other things later, (I’ve been cleaning a Food Truck all day and I’m exhausted!) but I wanted to let you know where we are and what is on the way! If you made it this far…THANKS for reading! I’ll be back again, the next free minute I can find to write a lil blurb! 



Our Honeymoon Video is here!

We recently had our good friend Nate at Nathan Vogel Photography edit together our GoPro footage from our Honeymoon (8 months ago) in Moorea and Bora Bora! I’m so happy we now have all those hours of footage condensed into a short lil video to share with you all! I wish I could show you everything but there were hours and hours of footage! Ha! We didn’t wanna miss a thing apparently! Thanks Nate for putting everything together! If you want to see more of Nate’s awesome work check out his facebook page by clicking his name above! Also…I wanna go back to Bora Bora….like…now!!! Who wants to go with us?!?