But What Will the Ladies Wear?

After picking out my Wedding Gown the next exciting thing on the list of planning todo’s was picking out the perfect dress for my ladies to wear! If you think there are a ton of choices for Wedding Gowns out there, you should start looking for Bridesmaids dresses! So many colors, styles, fabrics, necklines, lengths. etc….I wanted each girl to be comfortable and happy but I wanted their gowns to match the feel of mine as well and the overall vibe of the Wedding too!

The girls wanted long, easy enough… but one wanted a sleeve, one showed interest in a one shoulder, and one wanted a halter….hmmmm…We decided the best thing to do was to find one company that could make each of the gowns specifically to suit each girls needs and wants! Turns out after checking and double checking and checking my Pinterest board one more time there was one gown that kept popping up…and numerous times I would try to pin it and I would get that lil notification letting me know I had already pinned this…Obviously I was a fan!

One day while driving around during one of our weekend shopping sprees Angie my Maid of Honor was going thru my Pinterest Board….She had also pinned the same gown and upon a little research discovered that it was convertible! THANK YOU LORD! One gown, that can be worn over 15 different ways? Yes! I’ll take 4 please!!! After the excitement settled from finally picking out the perfect Bridesmaid Gown, I begin to research where to order them!

Turns out you can’t get them anywhere!!! Not anywhere near Nashville, TN anyway! They have to be ordered directly from the designer’s showroom in NYC…of course they do….sigh! I emailed the designer to see about placing an order and the process was super easy! Send in measurements, double check the order, place the order and wa la! All done! Hassle free! Even got FREE SHIPPING AND NO TAXES! Score!!! I can’t wait for them to arrive and see them on the girls! I know they will be stunning in anything but I’m really excited about this dream find!


Saying Yes to the Dress!

At some point in her life every little girl dreams of her Wedding Day. Whether she wants a lavish affair in a grand ballroom, a simple farmstyle event in a quiet country setting or even a quick, no nonsense trip to the Courthouse…whatever it may be, at some point she has thought about it. Along with thoughts of her perfect day usually comes dreams of wearing the most beautiful gown, stunning jewelry, and a pair of amazing shoes! Atleast this was the case with me! If you know me at all you know my love for a fabulous evening gown, regardless of the occasion! Any excuse I have to get all dolled up, I’m taking it so when it was time for me to choose my Wedding Gown I was ready! I made appointments at 4 Bridal Studios over 2 days, had my Mom and Aunt in from Florida, and along with my Maid of Honor off we went!

Before I started the most important shopping trip of my life, I had a pretty good vision of what I wanted. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to gowns but thanks to many years as a pageant girl I pretty much know what looks good on my body and what doesn’t. ( This saves a lot of time when pulling gowns! ) I knew I liked different, edgy, and fun! I didn’t want something everyone else wanted, and something told me I needed to go to one place to find just that! The White Room in Lebanon, TN. This was actually the second stop we made on our weekend spree, the first being Modern Trousseau, which was a fabulous studio.

When I walked into the Bridal room at The White Room I saw my gown. There it was…hanging amidst hundreds of other stunning gowns. I went straight to it and handed it to my consultant! “This one first!”, I said. My consultant was amazing! Her name was Celia and she was beyond a joy to work with! We pulled 4 or 5 gowns, and though they were all gorgeous, none of them made me feel quite as special as that first gown! I left that afternoon without purchasing because I still had 2 more appointments the following day but I assured her I would be back if nothing else caught my eye!

The next morning we were up and at it again, stopping by Glitz Bridal, Arzelle’s and B. Hughes Bridal Salon, (all of which were awesome and at B. Hughes I even tried on an Oscar de la Renta Ball Gown…talk about taking a girl’s breath away)  but something was wrong. I just wasn’t into anything I tried on (even the Oscar as stunning as it was). All I could think about was my gown! The gown that my eye went straight to when I entered The White Room the day before. Finally while scarfing down a quick bite to eat at Which Wich I asked my shopping crew if we could drive back out to Lebanon. I really just wanted to put on that one gown, one more time! As soon as we walked in, I explained to them that I didn’t have an appointment but I had been in the day before and I needed to try on my favorite one more time. They were more than happy to oblige and even called Celia over to help me once again! ( So happy she was working that day! )

As soon as I walked out in my gown this time I knew…this was it! They put a veil on my head with a stunning lil headpiece and gave me a lil silk bouquet to hold…It was all coming together! I actually looked…and felt…like a Bride! As I looked over to my mom for a sign of approval she was crying, along with my Maid of Honor, my Aunt, and now myself! ( I always swore I wouldn’t cry when I found my Wedding Gown, darn it! ) I hugged my Mom & Celia and up to the front desk we went! The most important gown purchase I had ever made was complete. I can’t wait to share it with everyone, but in the meantime here’s a few snapshots of some of our shopping fun! ( No worries, none of these are my gown nor do they look anything like it! ) 😉

IMG_2168 IMG_2167 IMG_2172 IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2180 IMG_2181 IMG_2183 IMG_2188 IMG_2189 IMG_2197 IMG_2198 IMG_2199IMG_2217IMG_2215IMG_2219IMG_2220IMG_2222IMG_2223IMG_2224IMG_2226

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

In today’s world of endless Pinterest possibilities, DIY Blogs, and Hobby Lobby coupons accessible straight from your cell phone, there’s so many ways a girl can plan her dream wedding…and do it all on a budget! When Craig asked me to marry him I (as most brides to be ) was so excited I immediately started finalizing all my to do lists….First up was asking my best girl friends to stand by my side…Now, the guys have it easy…they can just pick up the phone, & say “hey man, will you be in my wedding?” but us girls…no way…As a crafter its just simply not ‘cute’ enough and as a southern woman….well it’s just considered poor form! 😉 { that’s just a joke, if you didn’t do a craft to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding it’s not a big deal and no it’s not a necessity }

Off to town I went to purchase everything I would need. Some wooden craft boxes, a few floral appliqués from Hobby Lobby,  a sample of my favorite blue paint from Home Depot ( the samples are more than enough for small projects and are only $3-$5 at the paint table), some twine from Wal-Mart, and some Request Cards from Etsy.

I used a paper towel to dry brush the paint on the boxes, hot glued on the appliqués, and tied them up with the twine! Easy enough & I loved how they turned out! I dropped them in the mail the week after my Engagement and wah-lah! All done !

IMG_6790 IMG_6780 IMG_6787 IMG_6789 IMG_6315IMG_6791 IMG_6792 IMG_6315 IMG_6308IMG_6317