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I was born and raised in the rural Northwest Florida Panhandle. After graduating from Blountstown Highschool in 2003 I attended Tallahassee Community College, and Chipola College. I then decided to get my Cosmetology License from North FL Cosmetology and started work as a hair/makeup artist. In the Fall of 2009 I suddenly became ill with an unidentified health issue. After getting back on my feet I decided it was time to follow my passion of becoming a Photographer. This passion would eventually lead me to move to Nashville, TN in the Spring of 2012 where I currently work part time at Puckett’s Grocery, a restaurant in Downtown Nashville, and as a Maternity, Newborn and Conceptual Children’s Photographer with my own business J’Lyndee J. Photography. I love the Florida State Seminoles, working with babies and children, my precious nephew John Franklin aka Dooder, Anything GLAM in the photography, fashion, and beauty industries, being outdoors, and anything in Summertime! 



Craig is a Memphis native and a 2003 graduate of Cordova Highschool. He is a PROUD Ole Miss Rebel, where he served 4 years in the Pride of the South, Ole Miss Marching Band. After college Craig moved to Nashville to become a Percussionist in the famed Music City. He currently works with several Musicians, and Artists from all genres of music, runs his own wood working business, Paradiddle Designs, and is employed part time at Puckett’s Grocery, a restaurant in Downtown Nashville. Craig aka CJ, enjoys anything Ole Miss, building interesting, unique pieces with refurbished Barnwood, going to the Shooting Range, making music, eating, sleeping and being outdoors! 


I arrived in Nashville about 10pm on a Thursday night in March 2012. When I arrived at my new home, I sat in the parking lot and got on Facebook to update my status that I had made it to Nashville. upon doing so I saw an ad that Puckett’s Grocery was hiring so the next afternoon I went downtown, filled out an application, had an interview and got hired that day! The following Monday I started my first training shift and Craig happened to be the first person I met, while standing in the server alley. He introduced himself, had a very strong Southern accent, which caught me off guard and proceeded to tell me he thought I needed ‘House’ to cure my mysterious illness…Yes this was the first conversation as odd as it seems. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before it was time for the Annual CMA Fest and the CMT Awards…being new in town I was excited to attend some of the events I had always watched on tv so when Craig mentioned he could possibly get tickets to the CMT Awards I was all ears. The only catch was we had to attend a filming for a motivational speaker first for his agent’s company to get the free tickets. Sure, why not…well this lil filming ended up being the first date and quite a humorous one…Almost everyone in attendance was over the age of 60, I was scolded by the producers for wearing sequins on camera, (psh, sequins are ALWAYS a good choice) and the motivational part…well…let’s just say it wasn’t very motivating. It was however a good laugh. The CMT Awards were next and proved to be yet another interesting adventure…Just one of many more to come. Fast forward 2 years later and the biggest adventure yet is being planned…The start of our lives together! Together we enjoy, cooking, going on adventures, getting dressed up, antiquing or junkin’, and learning new things!


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